The Stormwater Industry Association of WA (SIAWA) draws together the many groups to provide cohesion, standardisation and focus for the state of Western Australia.

We work together with the other states (SIAV, SIANSW, SIASA, SIAQLD) under the strength of the National SIA association.

We are an organisation of professionals working in all sections of the Stormwater industry, including those studying, regulating, designing, supplying components, building and operating stormwater systems.

We aim to have a membership with a wide representation to ensure an integrated approach which takes into account the issues and imperatives facing all sections of the Industry.

SIAWA is a non-profit Industry association. We promote sustainable urban water management through the management of stormwater. We draw our membership from local government, product suppliers, engineering professionals and the wider consulting industry.

Why is Stormwater Important?

The impact of stormwater on the pollution of waterways is being increasingly recognised by the general public.

As a consequence, the Stormwater Industry is faced with the challenge of providing infrastructure which meets the traditional aims of public safety and convenience whilst limiting the adverse impacts on, or enhancing the environment.

The future will require the industry to maintain an innovative approach to the management of stormwater, looking beyond current and traditional solutions. Stormwater managers will be involved in developing integrated approaches to planning and development to meet council and government regulations.

The Stormwater Industry Association, through its diverse membership, aims to be at the forefront of changes and innovations. The Association will provide members with the opportunity to advance their skills in the wide range of issues impacting on stormwater and its relationship with the community.

SIAWA Objectives

We aim to be a leading association for the advancement of stormwater management and the dissemination of knowledge.

Our objectives are to be:

  • a credible source of information on stormwater issues
  • the spokesperson for the stromwater industry in WA
  • a provider for training and knowledge

 What we do

Together with our sister State and National associations, our activities include:

  • Promote the Industry's profile though public relations
  • Market stormwater management as an industry
  • Conduct pertinent and informative seminars, exhibitions, conferences and workshops for members and other interested parties
  • Provide networking opportunities for Industry members
  • Maintain an Industry database
  • Encourage product development and standardisation
  • Establish an maintain a dialogue with all levels of government
  • Prepare or contribute to guidelines and standards