Winding up Hydropolis 2017: Catchments are the communities’ infrastructure

Date: Wednesday 31 May, 2017
Venue: Embleton Room, City of Bayswater

This half day conference considered several perspectives on how infrastructure can be considered and managed from a catchment perspective. Stormwater WA, together with NWW, presented industry, landscape, local government, state government and research perspectives that highlight their roles and activities in managing assets in a way which delivers improved catchment outcomes. The conference included a presentation on the works being done at Bayswater, including the Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary.

The aims/objectives of the day were to demonstrate that constructed stormwater management infrastructure can be integrated into the catchment as part of the ‘public domain’ of road reserves and parklands. This is particularly relevant with the advent of ‘at source’ management for small rainfall events to achieve the objectives of creating the Water Sensitive Cities vision. This can be better achieved by stimulating local community input to establish a local community vision and priorities for their waterways and catchments. It is the community that has the on-the ground knowledge that can really take the vision forward, but with support from professionals employed within Government entities and the consulting industry.

Conference program


Landscape perspective
Greg Grabasch, UDLA, Principal Director
Re-connecting with our urban waterways?

Service provider perspective
Suzanne Brown, Water Corporation, Manager Drainage and Liveable Communities
Drainage for Liveability.

Catchment perspective
Jennifer Stritzke, Department of Water, Regional Estuaries Initiative Coordinator
Regional Estuaries Initiative: Restoring the environmental balance of estuaries through action in catchments.

Industry perspective
Nicholas Deeks, GHD, Principal Water Resources Engineer
Catchments: unlocking hidden value.

Research perspectives
Prof. Carolyn Oldham, The University of Western Australia, Professor of Environmental Engineering
Protecting our catchments using water sensitive urban design: learnings from high groundwater case studies.

Kumar Kandappan, The University of Western Australia, PhD Student
Understanding asset management through the use of a trimetric model: Using stormwater infrastructure assets and Facility Management (FM) assets as a case study.

Partners in collaboration for the event: