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Welcome to the Stormwater Industry Association of Western Australia.

We are a non-profit State association for the Stormwater Industry.

Become a member and help give our industry a voice in Western Australia. Receive the Stormwater Bulletin, gain access to our archives and get discounts for stormwater events. Sign up here

Building a strong business case for water sensitive city projects and programs

CRCWSC launches first professional development course

This innovative new course will commence in April 2016 in Perth with the aim of building the capacity of urban water professionals to assess the costs and benefits of water sensitive city programs and to influence the process for getting projects off the ground.

This course, the first in the CRCWSC Innovation Skills Series, is being developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders, and will build skills and knowledge to successfully develop and gain support for business cases to deliver water sensitive cities projects and programs.

Course participants will learn through an innovative delivery model that blends a short (two day) intensive face-to-face course followed by a longer period of planned work-based learning (two hour per month for three months), enabling participants to learn-by-doing in the context of their own projects.

The course will offer expert tuition, hands-on experiential learning which minimises time out of work, the opportunity to be part of a network of practitioners across the Australian urban water sector who face similar challenges, and the production of valuable and practical business case outputs for organisational planning and action.

Who should enrol?

While applicable to a wide range of professionals this course is specifically targeted at professionals working within and with local governments, including scientists and engineers, landscape architects, urban planners and designers, and project managers with:

  • at least 3 years of experience in the urban water sector
  • a role in developing and delivering water sensitive or integrated water management projects and programs
  • a desire to improve their capacity to generate change in the urban water sector

Download brochure

Click here to register

To find out more about the course, please contact Pablo Orams This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.









Shelley Shepherd
Program Manager
New WAter Ways

IPWEA State Conference 2016


9-11 March 2016
The Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle

The 2016 IPWEA State Conference theme is “Networks”.

“Networks” revolves around creating and nurturing relationships between people and organisations. This is what public work professionals envisage is the future for the industry – in terms of the quality and effectiveness of services that the sector, as a whole, provides to metro, regional and outback communities. 

‘Networks’ is also about a future built upon the commitment of our members to quality, all round best practices and cost-efficiencies – as expectations mount and Change occurs all across the public works space throughout Western Australia.

Stormwater WA are partnering with IPWEA to deliver a session. As a result, Stormwater WA members are being offered IPWEA member rates to attend this conference. See below for more details or contact IPWEA on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

pdfIPWEA State Conference 2016 - Program

pdfIPWEA State Conference 2016 - Registration Form

SWA Awards Night - and the winners are....

The 2015 winners for Stormwater WA's Award for Excellence are:

Excellence in Research and Innovation

Department of Parks and Wildlife, City of Canning & SERCUL
Wharf Street Wetland and Civic Parklands

The Wharf Street Wetland and Civic Parklands treat stormwater and enhance amenity and habitat adjacent to the Canning River. The project incorporates surface and subsurface flow wetlands and has been rigorously monitored and evaluated since 2009. Evaluation outcomes and project learnings have made the wetland a valuable demonstration site.

DPaW Research & Innovation

Peter Adkins, Helen Brookes & Jennifer Stritzke


Excellence in Policy or Education

New WAter Ways

The aim of New WAter Ways is to build the water sensitive urban design capacity of Government and industry to improve the delivery of urban water management and water sensitive cities. Its activities aim to enhance the knowledge and skills of people and organisations to facilitate improved on-ground outcomes.

NWW Policy & Education

Shelley Shepherd, Mark Batty, Rebecca Epworth & Jennifer Stritzke 


Excellence in Integrated Stormwater Design

AECOM for the PRISM Alliance and DS Agencies
SMS Your Stormwater (Stormwater Management @ Source) for the New Perth Stadium Station

The Perth Stadium project involves a couple of related projects being undertaken at the same time. One of these involves an innovative stormwater system. AECOM says their solutions will be cheaper than conventional solutions, faster to build and more sustainable. This approach involves a modular tank infiltration system which means the surface waters come up to a shallow trench. It is only 150mm deep and it’s filled with ballast stone so the void space between the stone is quite large and allows water to pass through to a sand layer that surrounds the modular tank. The tanks are wrapped in a geotextile fabric which is just like a standard woven material that allows water to pass, but nothing else. The sand layer acts as your filter for all the nutrients and hydrocarbons and allows the clean water to pass through and then infiltrate into the underlying soil structures. The system is up to 40% cheaper than conventional systems in supplies and construction.

SMSyourSW Integrated Stormwater Design

Michael Tay, Helen Brookes, Owen Richards & Simon Wallis

Winners are grinners!

Owen Richards carved up the lawn bowls with this awesome bowl prior to learning about his big win!

SMSyourSW OwenRichards


IPWEA Western Australia’s 2015 Public Works Training Week

November 16 - 20. The Rise, Maylands

This is IPWEA's 7th Public Works signature event in WA and, as always, it is aimed at contributing towards the personal growth and continuous development of industry professionals working in this space.

This is also the Institute’s singular, most significant training event in Western Australia.  It covers a wide repertoire of topics which gives senior managers the opportunity to nominate their younger staff members to attend, and expand their knowledge and skills-base – and also having time to meet and interact with their peers from other organisations and work environments.