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Hydropolis 2012 was the stormwater theme of the IPWEA WA State Conference. The session was held on the 14th March 2012 at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle.

The Theme..

"The recent drought and concerns about climate change have all highlighted the need to manage our water resources more sustainably. Over recent years, stormwater harvesting and reuse have emerged as a valuable field in sustainable water management."

The intention of this theme was to present and discuss theory, case studies and the future of Stormwater Harvesting in Western Australia.


IPWEA Guidelines - Drainage Module 4

Terry Blanchard

pdfPresentation: Terry_Blanchard-Drainage_Module.pdf


How Much Runnoff?
Coefficients for Urban land Use in South West WA and a comparison between Rational Method and volumetric runoff coefficients

Jim Davies
JDA and Associates

pdfPresentation: Jim_Davies_-_HowMuchRunoff.pdf

Stormwater Design Considerations

Bill Till
Department of Water

pdfPresentation: Bill_Till_Stormwater_Design_Considerations.pdf



A decade of sustainable stormwater management approaches
- do we need to go back to basics?

Markus Botte
City of Gosnells

pdfPresentation: Markus_Botte_-_Back_to_Basics.pdf



Water Table Mounding Between Subsoil Drains in Western Australia

Gregorio Serafini
JDA Consultant Hydrologists

pdfPresentation: Gregorio-WaterTableMoundingBetweenSubsoilDrains.pdf


Stormwater Harvesting by Infiltration

Jim Davies Managing Director
JDA Consultant Hydrologists

pdfPresentation: Jim_Davies-StormwaterHarvestingbyInfiltration.pdf

Stormwater Harvesting Solutions in WA

Dr Darren Draper
National Water Solutions Manager, Humes

pdfPresentation: Darren_Drapper_-_Harvesting_Solutions.pdf


Herdsman Main Drain Diversion

Brett Jackson,
Director Projects,
Town of Cambridge

pdfPresentation: Brett_Jackson-Herdsman_Main_Drain_Diversion.pdf


Geraldton stormwater harvesting project

Kieran Coupe,
Supervising Scientist,
RPS Perth

pdfPresentation: Kieran_Coupe-_City_of_Greater_Geraldton_stormwater_harvesting.pdf


Superficial Aquifer Interception Drain, Port Coogee

Shane McSweeney,
Managing Environmental Scientist,
RPS Perth

pdfPresentation: Shane_McSweeney-Aquifer_Interception_Drain.pdf


Nambeelup Managed Aquifer Recharge

Peter Kretschmer
Environmental Modeller
Department of Water

pdfPresentation: Peter_Kretschmer_-Nambellup_MAR.pdf

Wendy Green
Environmental Hydrologist
JDA Consultant Hydrologists

pdfPresentation: Wendy_Green-Nambeelup

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