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Steve Frost

The SIA National President Steve Frost came to Perth to bring with him his insight on the “Restoring the Waters Project”. This project had a vision for the restoration of the urban stream corridors in Sydney, a new kind of urban creek developed using sustainable bio-engineering techniques. The project involved transforming the first 500m of a 2.7km section of a concrete lined channel into a natural stream. The challenge for the project team was to design a new kind of urban stream, with natural elements offering recreational and habitat opportunities.

 PAPER: FROM DETENTION TO RETENTION - Stormwater Harvesting at Fairfield City Council (878.57 Kb)

 PRESENTATION: Living Streams in Fairfiled (4.19 Mb)


Mike Mouritz

Mike Mouritz will also present a short presentation on building strategies to “Water Sensitive Cities”. His role in the DPI includes policy and program delivery for coordination of urban land use, infrastructure and transport planning. Mike has over 20 years experience in planning, environment and development issues, in both private and public sectors, and has a particular interest in the interaction between places, people and their pursuits and a special interest in enhancing urban sustainability.

 PRESENTATION: Sustainability and the Urban Development Sector (498.43 Kb)

PRESENTATION: Towards a Water Sensitive City (1.52 Mb)


Bill Till

Bill Till from the Department of Water - Drainage and Waterways Branch, ran through a few slides and gave us an update on what is happening in the DOW.