The theme of this seminar was to recognize the importance of infiltration and recharge and the role that stormwater management planning and practice must play in maintaining the health of country.

This seminar looked closely at water balance, timing and storage. Of particular concern is the general wastage of an important resource. We need increased knowledge, reduction of flows and conservation through the annual cycle over longer periods. We look to use and restore our groundwater systems, as well as preserve our wetlands and biodiversity.

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Dr David Leaman

Dr David Leaman will discuss some of the overlooked subtleties of the water cycle - especially with regard to transpiration and groundwater - and then consider how human demands lead to all manner of changes.
He challenges current wisdom of what constitutes environmental flow and the means by which usage allocations are made. The issues and solutions in both urban and rural situations can be compared and contrasted and found to depend only upon a full appreciation of the water cycle and balancing of the water budget for the given place. Climate effects lead only to a need for flexible re-balancing within this approach. He considers the classical solution of water importation and asks are we better served by living within our water means.
Examples are drawn from the Murray-Darling Basin, Northeast Tasmania, Southeast South Australia, some small coastal towns and major Australian cities.

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Mr Alan Hill BSc

Mr Alan Hill BSc graduated from Murdoch University in 1980. His current doctoral thesis is on Culture and the Wise Use of Wetlands. The thesis provides a timely comparison of water management and wetland protection in Western Australia and Southern Britain, particularly with respect to the effectiveness of traditional, contemporary and international cultural institutions.
His long term water management experience has included water allocation in policy analysis, water conservation, working on integrated urban and rural water management, subregional water planning, development control drainage planning in Southern Perth, conservation strategies, wetland and bushland conservation, and water planning policy for the environment.
Alan's talk will reflect sustainability issues of interest to stormwater managers taken from his thesis. The accompanying photograph was taken in a wetland area of great antiquity

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Doug Forster

Doug Forster (Director, Business Units City of Perth) was trained in Civil Engineering but has bin senior management for the better part of his career. He has worked in five states mainly in Local Government.
Doug has undertaken several post-graduate studies and is a qualified Company Director.
Being raised with a rural background Doug has always been conscious of the use of water as a finite resource and is delighted to share some of the City of Perth experiences.

PAPER: Harnessing Alternative Sources of Water (21.24 Kb)

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