36th Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium Hobart (HWRS 2015)

The HWRS 2015, hosted by Engineers Australia and its National Committee on Water Engineering, is Australia’s leading symposium devoted to hydrology and water resources.

Urban Water Management is one of the specials sessions  in the symposium.  As a convener of this session, I would like to invite your submission of abstracts for the Urban Water Management session for consideration as an oral or poster presentation. If accepted, authors will be invited to submit a full paper.

This session welcomes submissions on any of the following aspects of urban water management with a focus on the latest research, innovation, issues, demonstration projects, comparison of different water management approaches and learning. This includes:

  • Managing and understanding urban hydrology and hydraulics for urban land development including catchment modelling and preparing engineering designs for stormwater and superficial groundwater management.

  • Planning, designing, managing, implementing and maintaining urban water management infrastructure and water sensitive urban design features. Water sensitive urban design features include restored and protected urban waterways/ living streams (i.e. constructed or retrofitted stormwater conveyance channels that mimic the morphology, vegetation and other characteristics of natural streams), integration of living streams and stormwater management features into public open space for attractive living environment, public open space that can result in improved wellbeing and health, a cooler urban environment, liveability of the urban development etc., biofilters, soakwells,  infiltration areas, rainwater storage and reuse systems, swales and buffer strips and water sensitive road designs.
  • Implementing water sensitive urban design as a pathway to water sensitive cities in Australia.  

  • Comparing water sensitive urban design to traditional stormwater management designs

  • Considering opportunities to collaborate with governments, regulators, managers or development industries. Examples include working together to manage water supply and use, superficial groundwater, stormwater and other surface water, water quality, flood protection and protection of receiving waters.

  • Considering ways to ensure water resources are appropriately managed at all stages of land use planning, including the regional, district, local, subdivision and land development stages.

  • Protecting natural water resources from urban form and protecting urban form from water (e.g. preventing flooding and waterlogging)

  • Creating and implementing legislations, policies, guidelines and design criteria to improve urban water management.

It is expected that this special session will attract the attention of the urban land development industry, hydrology and water resources consultants, state government agencies responsible for water, environmental management and land planning, local governments, professional water management experts, academics, researchers, and students throughout Australia.

This session will provide an excellent opportunity for discussion and networking with some of the most highly regarded experts in their field, presenting your research and innovative ideas, and most importantly sharing lessons learned in the area of urban water management throughout Australia. 

The abstract submission website can be accessed from here: